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If you have problems with African names, you might find a list of the characters in AMA useful.

I hope that the sense of most unfamiliar terms will be apparent from the context but, just in case you need it, there is a glossary. A synopsis, as synopses do, sets out the gist of the novel in a few paragraphs.

In September, 1998 the African Arts Foundation, based in California, announced a competition  for "feature length screenplays . . . based on African themes and characters."

"The scripts," it was stated, "will be judged on the basis of authenticity of African locales, storytelling ability, originality, structure, character development and dialogue. In addition, at least sixty percent of the submitted screenplay to have African content and setting."

There was little time. I knew nothing about the technique of screenwriting but . . . what the hell: I had authentic locales, a story, structure, characters and dialogue. It took me four years to write AMA, just two weeks to turn it into some kind of script. Needless to say, I didn't win a prize, not even an honorable mention; but here, just in case anyone is interested, is the opening sequence. The full script, somewhat revised, can be downloaded free of charge by registering at http://www.triggerstreet.com/

I belong to a writers' group on the Internet. One of our members decided to publish a literary magazine and asked for contributions.  I put together a selection of stories, some of which remain in AMA and some of which I cut from the original manuscript. Here is the result, Stories.

Maps show the route of Ama's travels (and travails.)


Pictures has links to web-sites with illustrations of  various aspects of the slave trade.

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